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How To Find The Best Gazebo For High Winds?

Do you have high winds where you live? Are you thinking about putting up a gazebo? This might not be the best idea. A gazebo is going to be very easy to blow around because of how much surface area’s up above in the canopy.

However, there are ways to affix the best gazebo to the ground which can be done through cords, rope, or even cement. If you are thinking about purchasing one that is designed for areas where high winds are quite common, here is an overview of how you can find the best one for your location.

Why Would You Want To Get A Gazebo?


A gazebo is simply a beautiful outdoor location where you can sit outside and be protected from the sun. It is also a place where you can run for cover if it starts to rain or snow, and they add a level of ambience to any backyard setting.

Gazebos are typically structured in a way that is very sturdy. They are typically made of lumber that is heavy and is often connected deep into the ground. However, there are certain areas where high winds are going to be very problematic, even if you have done your best to make this windproof.

How To Find Gazebos That Are Designed For High Wind Settings


A gazebo that can withstand extremely high winds can do so for three specific reasons. First of all, it will be made of materials that are extremely heavy and also designed to allow the wind to pass through. Second, the top of the gazebo is not going to have a lot of surface area by comparison to others that are also manufactured in a similar manner.

Finally, the gazebo will be designed with retractable walls that will make it even more difficult for the wind to wreak havoc. To find these gazebos, or simply search for the best gazebos on the market that can handle high winds locations. You will likely find several that are in excess of a couple of thousand pounds that will give them the necessary weight.

Additionally, they will be made of stainless steel, and will likely have a roof that is relatively thick. At the very least, you will find ones that are a little bit more narrow that will be able to deal with high winds that can occur.

How To Save Money When You Buy One


Saving money is easy because many of these manufacturers are competing against other companies that make similar items. There is a multitude of businesses that specifically make gazebos designed to handle high wind.

Whether you are getting one from Sunjoy, Kozyard or one of the many other popular companies, you will know that they are designed for the specific purpose. Simply compare the prices they are offering, and the reviews they have received, before making your final purchase.

Gazebos can truly be designed to handle high winds. They just have to be constructed in a certain way. Made of heavier materials, as well as constructed so they can be made to allow the wind to pass through more easily, you won’t have to worry about them being damage. By doing this research, you will quickly locate the best gazebos on the market that are affordably priced and can deal with high winds. More at

Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier

The Growing Popularity Of Bladeless Tower Fans For Indoor Cooling

Increasing numbers of people are now choosing the best bladeless tower fans for indoor environment cooling. With that in mind, in this short article, we’ll highlight some of the hottest selling models and discuss the pros and cons of bladeless designs.

Popular Bladeless Tower Fans

• Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier

Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier

Dyson models are arguably some of the most futuristic-looking bladeless tower fans available and the AM07 is the largest fan in the brand’s range. It has 10 different speed settings and comes with remote control.

While the AM07 is definitely an expensive option, it does offer solid performance long-term performance and when sourced from an authorized reseller, it comes with Dyson’s 2-year parts & labor warranty.

• Ocean Loong AB18G Bladeless Tower Fan

Ocean Loong AB18G Bladeless Tower Fan

The Ocean Loong AB18G has 9-speed settings and a handy sleep timer that can be used to turn off the devices after a certain period of time. It is known for its energy efficiency and quiet operation.

On the lowest setting, the model has a noise rating of 25db. The AB18G is available in white/silver and grey/silver.

• HoneyCare Bladeless Space Heater Fan

HoneyCare Bladeless Space Heater Fan

For those that want a combined ceramic space heater and bladeless fan, this model from HoneyCare is one to consider.

It oscillates 120 degrees for optimum air circulation and like the Dyson AMO7, it has 10-speed settings and is remotely controllable. In cooling mode, the device uses just 35 watts on the highest setting.

Pros And Cons Of Bladeless Tower Fans

Despite the technology being relatively basic, bladeless fans only entered the mainstream market in 2009. Many consumers’ first introduction to the devices was when Dyson started to advertise its $300+ bladeless models on television.

So, what are some of the benefits that bladeless tower fan designs offer over their traditional bladed counterparts? Well, benefits include easy to clean, modern aesthetic design, consistent airflow, whisper-quiet technology, and safe to operate around pets and kids.

The main disadvantages of bladeless fans, meanwhile are the limited choice of designs and high purchase costs. However, as more brands are entering the bladeless market, prices are starting to become more competitive.

Traditional bladed fans do of course have their own set of benefits including lower prices, a larger selection of models to choose from, and easier to the source.

The main disadvantages, however, include choppy airflow, hard to clean designs, and rotating blade noise. Furthermore, some fans with blades can be a safety hazard, especially designs with sharp blades and powerful motors.

So, if you are in the market for a new tower fan for your home, it would definitely be worth considering a bladeless model. In this article, we have mentioned some of the most popular models, but it’s important to do your own buyer research.

Reading online reviews from previous purchasers can be a good place to start. You may also want to check out videos showing different bladeless tower fans in operation in real life settings on YouTube to help you make a wise purchase choice and get the best bladeless tower fan for your home. More at