Gary Trauner Announces Bid for U.S. Senate

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Gary Trauner Announces for U.S. Senate

In announcement video Trauner takes aim at “the DC playbook” and promises to run a different kind of campaign.

Jackson, WY (December 10th, 2017) – Gary Trauner announced this weekend he will run for the U.S. Senate in Wyoming. Trauner released a video in which he announces his candidacy and pledges to run a very different style campaign.

“I’m running for Senate so we can return to a responsible government that puts people, not party or campaign donors, first,” said Trauner. “Deep down, we all know that something is horribly wrong in Washington. The system is rigged, DC is broken and regular, hard-working people are no longer getting ahead.”

Trauner will campaign on Wyoming values – Integrity, Opportunity, Freedom, Community and Security.

“Like all Wyomingites, my wife and I have raised our kids to tell the truth, to be honest, and to take personal responsibility for their actions and words,” Trauner said. “Today in Washington, we tend to tolerate actions that we would never tolerate in our families, friends, and community.”

In the announcement video, Trauner pokes fun at the way Washington works today. Trauner refers to the constant dialing for dollar scheme employed by politicians who then attempt to fool voters about their records as “the DC playbook.” Trauner promises to run a different kind of campaign in which he will reject corporate PAC money and forgo hiring a DC pollster.

Dubbed, “the Trauner playbook,” Trauner will run a campaign powered by individual donations and stated that his goal is to “meet every voter in Wyoming.” Trauner pledged to campaign door-to-door and hold town halls all over Wyoming during his campaign.

“Unless you work on Wall Street or run a big corporation, you’re getting screwed,” Trauner said. “It’s time to put the DC playbook in the shredder and come up with a playbook that works for everyone. It’s time to elect a leader with Wyoming values.”

Trauner cited energy, healthcare, jobs, widening inequality and net neutrality as the issues his campaign will highlight. Trauner believes the transition to sustainable energy is the issue of our time – for jobs, the economy and the planet. In his words, “Wyoming’s bountiful natural energy resources, past energy development and its contribution to our country’s economy have been an integral part of what makes Wyoming special. The people of Wyoming are grateful and truly appreciative of the benefits we have received from this critical aspect of our economy. As we move deeper into the 21st century, we must now assist existing and new companies to come up with better ways to continue their current energy operations as well as to further diversify Wyoming’s energy resources to meet the future needs of our citizens and our country.”

He also believes every American should have access to basic, quality healthcare, and that preserving an equal-opportunity internet is a must to ensure continued innovation and entrepreneurship.

Gary is an organizational and financial entrepreneur. Gary has served as the Chief Operating Officer of St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Jackson, WY. Prior to that, he was co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of He also served as Vice President-Finance of Teton Trust Company. Gary has been an active participant in his community, currently serving as Chair of the Aspens Pines Water & Sewer District, serving as a past Chairman of the Teton County School District #1 Board of Trustees, and as a former Vice-Chairman of the Teton County Pathways Task Force. Gary previously lost a statewide House race in Wyoming by 0.5%. He and his wife, Terry, have lived in Jackson for 28 years and have two sons – Ben (24) and Aaron (18).


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