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How to Choose the Best Messenger Diaper Bag For You

Regardless of whether you want a best messenger diaper bag or a tote, the best diaper bag for you will have the following six key features.

Sufficient Space: The first thing that you should look for in a diaper bag is sufficient space to carry all of your gear. Assuming, you’ve already had your baby, this should be pretty easy to estimate. If not, do a little research on diaper bag essentials and err on the side of too big rather than two small.

Not Too Heavy: While it’s important to purchase a diaper bag with sufficient space, you also don’t want to go overboard. The bigger the bag, the heavier it’s going to be. And if your diaper bag wears three pounds when empty, you can rest assured that you’re going to grow tired of carrying it pretty fast.


Easy Organisation: As a general rule of thumb, the more compartments and pockets the better. If all you’re dealing with is one big compartment, you’re going to spend more time trying to find things that actually changing your baby. If you’re willing to sacrifice on style, look for plenty of external pockets too. More at

Easy to Access: An often overlooked feature of diaper bags is just how easy they are to open and close. Avoid bags with complicated latch systems. When you’re hands are full, they’re the last thing you want. Velcro should also be avoided. It might be easy to open but it’s also noisy and you can probably guess why that’s a problem. Magnetic strips are ideal.

Comfortable to Carry: The most comfortable diaper bags are backpacks and slings but whatever design you go for, you’ll want to look for two things on the straps, cushioning and adjustability. Even the lightest of diaper bags can get surprisingly heavy when full and these two features can make all the difference. More at

Easy to Clean: Regardless of how careful you are, diaper bags get dirty. It doesn’t matter how stylish a particular bag is, if you can’t wipe it clean, it’s not a good purchase. Ideally, you’ll also want something that’s machine washable.

Vilah Bloom Harbor

The Best Compact Diaper Bags

If you are looking for smaller diaper bags, then this page should really help you out. As you may be aware, diaper bags come from the extra small size and go all they way up to XL. There are a few brands who specialise in the smaller sizes and these are:

Skip Hop
Lilian Rose
Luvable Friends
Ju Ju Be

Of these the top brands SoHo and Skip Hop have the best ranges and styles and also the more affordable prices, so we shall focus on those as choices. However I think it would be useful to know what is meant by the sizing “small.”

Best Compact diaper bags are great for a quick trip out, running errands, or a jaunt to the park. They can handle the basics with great style.

Small Sizes Explained

Typically a small bag is described as something in the range of 13″ by 18″ and a width of around 2-3″ This is small enough to make the bag not take over everything else, and yet remain practical enough to be able to fit all of baby’s stuff inside. A diaper bag is not really of any use unless it can hold the basics. More at .

1.Skip Hop Pronto

Skip Hop Pronto
Skip Hop Pronto

The Skip Hop Pronto diaper changing kit is just what you need, when you need it. There is a pocket in the front for keys, phone, or whatever that zips. You can clip the bag to your stroller or carry it with the wrist strap. The diaper pad can be used with the bag or zips off for ease of use or cleaning. I’m also a huge fan of translucent wipes cases so you never run out of wipes.

2.Vilah Bloom Harbor

Vilah Bloom Harbor
Vilah Bloom Harbor

Fashion truly meets function with this preppy tote. Wear it over the shoulder, as a tote, or attach it to your stoller with included clips. Featuring 9 pockets plus 2 bottle pockets, there’s a place for everything, including your wipes. Vilah Bloom’s innovative, easily-accessible wipes pocket is perfect for tackling messes—fast.

3.Wistful Weekender Diaper Bag from Petunia

Wistful Weekender Diaper Bag from Petunia
Wistful Weekender Diaper Bag from Petunia

We’re big fans of Petunia Pickle Bottom here, we even featured the PPB backpack diaper bag in our Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide. With their Wistful Weekender (also shown at very top) you have not only a pretty diaper bag in lots of great patterns, but a great travel and hospital bag, too.

This diaper bag boasts seven interior pockets, a key clip that I desperately need, side snaps that allow you to expand the bag, and two pockets on the outside for smaller items.

4.Skip Hop Forma Backpack

Skip Hop Forma Backpack
Skip Hop Forma Backpack

This model is perfect for high-tech parents. It offers space for a laptop, a tablet and a cell phone. Just in case, there is plenty of room for other items and accessories, so in general, it offers more space than an average parent needs.

It also allows you to carry a bottle with water, which maximizes the practicality of this bag. Despite all of this, it doesn’t look like any heavy and big bag made just for diapers.

Additional interior pockets are more than just practical and needed. They are made from elastic material, so they can be used for bigger items. There are no items that cannot be placed in this bag.

Zip opening is another feature that has to be mentioned. It makes the entire bag much better and simpler to use, especially when you are in a rush. It offers an extra wide opening, so all items inside are within your reach.

Shoulder straps are included, of course, and they are insulated and comes with cushions. This makes carrying a bag for a long time less difficult and it is possible to carry more items inside.

Stroller straps are included as well. Because this is a large bag, with a lot of pockets and the fact it has been developed for parents who will always carry a full bag, these straps are mandatory. Keep in mind that you must pay attention to the stroller, when using this feature.

In order to understand how great this bag is, you should know that it comes free of materials that may cause allergies and rashes to children. It is BPA free, and it has been tested, so it meets all regulations.

5.Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection Be Right Back Backpack Diaper Bag

Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection Be Right Back Backpack Diaper Bag
Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection Be Right Back Backpack Diaper Bag

Many parents prefer the convenience of a backpack style diaper bag, but most of them are every day or not a designer. Ju-Ju-Be offers the Be Right Back Backpack in multiple styles, and it is sophisticated enough for all mothers.

It has everything you could want in a backpack diaper bag with a stylish design, ergo straps and breathable mesh. For long day trips, you cannot go wrong with the Be Right Back.

There are some excellent features! There are four main pockets and five zippered pockets. There is also a mommy pocket for items such as lipstick and keys. The mommy pocket also has a sunglass holder and a key fob stretch cord.

Ju-Ju-Be included a memory foam changing pad that is machine washable. Both sides of the bag have insulated bottle pockets that can keep items hot or cold.

Another reason I love Ju-Ju-Be is their quality of the material. The Be Right Back has a Teflon, fabric protector. It resists stains and keeps your bag looking brand new. They also added an Agion treatment for machine permanent protection. The Agion treatment prevents molds and mildew from growing in your bag.

If you are looking for a backpack diaper bag, the Be Right Back is worth the money; it is more expensive, but you get a bag with high quality.

6.“Annie” Breast Pump Diaper Bag by Sara Wells

“Annie” Breast Pump Diaper Bag by Sara Wells
“Annie” Breast Pump Diaper Bag by Sara Wells

The “Annie” is the professional breast pump bag you’ve been waiting for. Stylish, functional, and tall enough to fit the largest laptops vertically, this bag will carry literally everything you need including the breast pump.

7.Ju Ju Be – Between

Ju Ju Be - Between
Ju Ju Be – Between

Ju Ju Be Between Diaper Bag is designed with the parent-on-the-go in mind. This diaper bag is for the no nonsense parent who wants the basics in an attractive, comfortable package and nothing more.

8.Pacapod Portland Bag

Pacapod Portland Bag
Pacapod Portland Bag

It’s not hard to see why this messenger-style bag is a best-seller for Pacapod. Not only is it stylish, but it also has an expandable panel and a three-in-one pod system that keeps feeding stuff separate from changing stuff.

9.Versa Diaper Bag by Skip*Hop

Versa Diaper Bag by Skip*Hop
Versa Diaper Bag by Skip*Hop

There’s a good reason Skip Hop is on nearly every baby registry I’ve ever seen. They make amazing products at affordable prices, and their diaper bags are no exception.

The Skip Hop Versa is–like pretty much all of the bags on this list–stylish and lightweight, and boasts 11 pockets. Twelve, if you count the zipper pocket on the front for small personal items like your phone.

There are two roomy insulated pockets outside for bottles, sippys and snacks, and nine more on the inside! And with one quick zip down the middle of the bag, you instantly have 20 percent more storage capacity!

LillyBit Uptown Diaper Clutch Bag

Again some ladies may prefer to go for something even smaller in the form of a clutch bag. This one is folded in three to keep it compact and small, but opens quickly to allow for changing a baby’s diaper.

It can be worn as a clutch bag, a shoulder bag, or on the wrist which gives you a number of choices. It is super trendy and can hold 4 diapers, a wipe’s case, a changing mat and a smaller tube of ointment or cream.

That should be enough to deal with those short trips where you do not want to carry around one of the larger bags. There is also a secure pocket for Mom’s keys or cell phone.

It gets nice solid ratings of 4.5 out of 5 but I think it is a bit pricey at around $40. Some of the others that I have reviewed already represent better value in my opinion.

Hopefully this article has helped you see what is available in the market for the smaller style bags. Just be aware that there are a lot of low quality ones out there. So be careful when making your purchase and I would recommend the ones that I have included on this page. More at .

Sci Fi Diaper Bag

Best Diaper Bags For Guy– Backpacks and Messengers

In 2017 there is no reason for a dad to walk around carrying his wife’s diaper bag. These days, there are literally dozens of daddy diaper bags to choose from in cool, but functional styles (backpacks, messengers etc.). Fabrics are durable including options such as canvas, distressed leather and heavy weight polyester.

Manly color choices include black, grey, brown, navy and the very popular camouflage diaper bags. You can even find a diaper bag printed with the logo of your favorite sports team !

Just because the color combinations are more to your liking because it is the same as that of your sports team, does not mean you can just pick anything off the rock. There are a couple of things that are worth considering instead of just looking for manly diaper bags that do not have any sort of floral design.

Dads should be equal to their counterparts when choosing the right products that provide great functionality with the kind of aesthetic appeal that will make other parents compliment you.

When having to look after children, Dad often shy because he has to wear the diaper bag for storing lots of things. However, with this diaper bag for guy, daddy will not be shy anymore. Having one large compartment goes along with 3 extra slots, you can put lots of things that you want such as clothes, toys or diapers for the kids.

Military Diaper Bag

Military Diaper Bag
Military Diaper Bag

Unfortunately the material used is not a high denier cordura like that you would find in official military gear. The diaper bag is instead constructed of a durable cotton/polyester blend with a green camo pattern. Fortunately the material seems durable and is easy to wipe down.

A nice touch was the addition of badges that have been sewn to the exterior of the diaper bag. A round badge reads: “Daddy, always ready, always there” while a rectangular badge in the center of the bag reads: “Fathers Creed: I Am a Father. I have answered my child’s call. I will not quit. I will not fail”.

Featuring an abundance of pockets on the inside and out, This diaper bag will carry all the essentials you need when travelling with your baby.

Hold-It-All Diaper Bag

I love things that are bigger and better than the next. This diaper bag is definitely bigger. If you are looking for a heavy diaper bag with enough room to service twins then this is the solution for you.

This bag is seriously and unapologetically big. It wears it’s bigness on it’s sleeve. Many mothers claim that this diaper bag is too big to be comfortably carried. But we are men. Carrying big stuff is what we do. Seriously, this diaper bag is so big it can be slung across the back of a double stroller. More at .

Ju Ju Be Jjb Messenger

Ju Ju Be Jjb Messenger
Ju Ju Be Jjb Messenger

This is one of the best diaper bags for dads which will keep dad looking cool while out with baby. It is perfect for baby stuff and can become a general bag for dad once the baby is all grown. It boasts of separate pockets for keys, pens, phones and sunglasses, making it just a God sent bag for dad.

All the pockets are designed to be easy to pull out stuff for baby without too much hustle. The strap is made of a memory foam shoulder pad and it has a detachable pouch which snaps into place with magnets. It is a machine washable bag and because it is equipped with a Teflon fabric protector, it makes it just cool for dad to walk round with it, bragging to other dads.

Sci Fi Diaper Bag

Sci Fi Diaper Bag
Sci Fi Diaper Bag

This bag is perfect for the, dare I say it, geeky dad. If he loves Star Wars, Star Trek or anything else you’d see on the Big Bang Theory, then this bag is for him. It’s a simple messenger style bag, but with the added bonus of some fun Science Fiction fabric.

There are plenty of pockets inside this slim design, so it won’t be bulky and “purselike.” If he’s not ashamed to admit he loves deep space then he’ll probably have no problem carrying this around.

If you are looking for a cute diaper bag just for use around the home then this is a viable option. If you are looking for a take anywhere solution, any of the other diaper bags in this guide are a much better option. More at .

Why A Well Designed Diaper Bag Is Worth Considering

Between the toys and binkies, sippy cups, wipes, rash cream, change of clothes, nursing cover, snacks, changing pad, and oh yeah diapers, things can get pretty chaotic on trips out. Plus you have all the items you would normally carry such as wallet/purse, keys, cell phone, etc. A great bag will be able to fit all of these things and help you be prepared at all times.

Every parent learns the hard way a few times that it is pretty important to remember everything your little one might need. Plus, a wise parent knows for example a well timed snack could quell a tantrum or a change of clothes and hand sanitize can remedy a diaper blowout. For any potentially volatile situation, a well stocked diaper bag is the first line of defense.

A diaper bag’s features and accessories is another big differentiating factor. You can get the bare minimum simple diaper bag with one deep pocket for diapers or you can get one with all the bells and whistles. Some diaper bag’s come with quality changing pads that really help with diaper duty when you’re not at home. More at

These best designer diaper bags really take a beating. It is a good idea to find one with cleanable liners and you can wipe clean. Bags built with stain and water resistant material are wonderful too and are usually well worth the extra cost.

Another cool material you may want to look out for goes by the name of Agion. Agion is a antimicrobial finish and as you can imagine diapers are very susceptible to the growth of microbes.

1.Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag

If you are interested in maxing out your mommy style points, Ju-Ju-Be is an ideal option. They have many options that run the gamut of different pattern and color combinations. These diaper bag falls into the designer diaper bag category.

This particular featured bag is the ‘Marquess’ series. The Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. Legacy Convertible Marquess Diaper Bag comes in four gorgeous styles. The best part is you still get excellent functionality on top of the style points. The Admiral, the Monarch, and the First Lady styles are also well worth checking out.

2.Lassig Shoulder Diaper Bag

A bowler’s bag shape in soft faux leather gives the Lassig Shoulder Bag a classic handbag look. There are several zippered pockets in the roomy interior, including a specific pocket for wet items.

Stroller straps, a changing pad and bottle holder are also included. The rolled faux leather straps are very comfortable to carry on your arm, and you can also carry the bag with the removable cross-shoulder strap.

3.Timi and Leslie Violette Diaper Bag

If you’re looking for an unusual silhouette for a diaper bag, check out the Violette diaper bag from Timi & Leslie. This rounded diaper bag is eye-catching and elegant in a croc-print synthetic leather.

Elasticized pockets on the inside keep your supplies in order, and a matching wristlet carries mom’s essentials separately. Stroller straps, bottle tote and changing pad are also included.

4.Juicy Couture Stroller Bag


Yes, it’s technically a cotton and polyester blend, but it’s socially the infamous Juicy terry cloth. The stroller bag is packed with a bib, burp cloth and changing pad.

5.PacaPod Firenza Diaper Bag

The PacaPod Firenza bag is an innovative diaper bag that gives you different “pods” for feeding and diapering, to keep them separate when you’re out of the house. “Once your baby is born, you’ll want to save your favorite sleek handbag for non-kid outings and find a stain-proof, ergonomic, multipocket carryall bag that you can take with you everywhere.

However, that doesn’t mean that your diaper bag has to be babyish or frumpy,” says Monica Banks,the founder of Gugu Guru, a personalized baby registry website. “There are so many brands that offer chic diaper bags that you could actually feel good about wearing out to cocktails, too!”

A good diaper bag can keep you organized, save you time, and keep you calm when you’re reaching for that di?aper after your little one has had a diaper blowout in the grocery store.?